Resident of the Month: Lavata S.

Lavata was born in Chariton, Iowa on December 30th to Roy and Alice Agan.. She was an only child.

She met her husband, Oliver, because he was her best friend’s brother. They had three children; daughter Sandra and sons Tom and Jerry.

Before retiring, Lavata worked at Grinnell Mutual Insurance and at the marina at Lake Rathbun, which was her favorite job.

Her most memorable moment growing up was when her family was the first to get a television set and everyone would show up to their house to watch!

Lavata’s dad taught her how to drive, but she did not have her own car until she was married.

Her favorite food is ice cream and her favorite holiday meal is ham and turkey.

When she was young, she loved her pet chickens that were on the farm. She liked to carry them around. As a teenager in high school she worked at the Five & Dime.

Her favorite thing about Norwalk Nursing and Rehabilitation is the staff and holding Jean’s baby. Her least favorite thing is the food.

If Lavata could go back to any age, she would like to go back to when she was first married to experience all the love they had for each other again.

Her most cherished family tradition is when everyone gets together for Thanksgiving.

Her proudest/happiest moment in life has been the birth of her children.

A couple of things Lavata would like to share about her life are that she played the saxophone in high school (but she says she faked a lot of it!). She also did a lot of traveling with her second husband. She has been overseas to the Netherlands, Hawaii, Alaska and many southern US states.

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