Resident of the Month: Laura G.

Laura was born August 18, 1955, at Mary Greeley Hospital in Ames, Iowa to Loretta and Edwin Olson. She has two brothers, Don and Paul, and two sisters, Linda and Deanna. She has two sons, Joshua and Lincoln and one granddaughter, Lily.

  • Before retirement, she did computer work for On With Life in Ankeny.
  • The biggest world events from her growing up were the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy, and the cancellation of the silver dollar.
  • Laura‚Äôs mother taught her how to drive when she was 16 years old. She drove a1968 auburn Corvair.
  • Her favorite food is Oat Crisp and her favorite holiday food is roast chicken.
  • When Laura was younger she enjoyed riding bikes. As an adult, she enjoys playing billiards.
  • Her favorite thing about Norwalk Nursing & Rehabilitation is Missy. Her least favorite thing is some of the food.
  • Her advice for the younger generation is to stay in school and be kind to others.
  • If Laura could go back to any age she would go back to age 35. She was healthier then.
  • Laura says her most cherished family tradition is spending time together during the holidays.
  • What she has liked best about her life so far is nature. Her happiest or proudest moment was high school graduation.
  • Something she knows now and wishes she had known when she was young, would be to be clear with someone when she was attracted to them.
  • One thing about her that she would like to share is that she is a Born Again Christian.
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