Resident of the Month: Kenneth T.

Kenny was born November 1, 1941 to Fred and Lisa. He is the youngest of 8 children: Fred, Earl, Marybell, Norman, Rita, Esther, and Herman. He says his parents were very strict and ran a tight ship. Kenny has been married three times.

Before retirement, he worked a variety of jobs. His favorite was working as an engineer for Des Moines Steel Fence Co. and his least favorite was being a custodian at Dallas Center Grimes.

Kenny doesn’t recall a memorable moment or world event from growing up.

His mother taught him to drive when he was 16 years. His first car was a ’51 Nash. Kenny had lots of cars and trucks throughout the years but nothing really stood out as his favorite.

His favorite food is spaghetti and meatballs. His favorite holiday meal is turkey with all the fixins.

When Kenny was younger, he liked playing hide and seek with his siblings and the neighborhood kids. What he enjoys now is sitting outside when the weather is nice.

He says what he likes most about Norwalk Nursing and Rehabilitation is they let him do what he wants, they don’t make him do activities if he doesn’t want to, and they let him sleep and sit outside.

His advice for the younger generation is to listen to not grow up and enjoy being a kid!

If Kenny could go back to any age, it would be his 50’s. He enjoyed his job and his life.

Kenny says he didn’t have any family traditions, just being a large family.

What he has liked best about his life so far is that he took pride in his work and he raised his kids trying to show them how to be good and work hard.

Kenny said if there is something he could have known when he was young that he knows now it would be how to raise his kids. He had five kids with his first wife, one before her and one after her, for a total of seven.

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