Resident of the Month: John C.

John was born February 19, 1938 in Alamogordo, New Mexico to Willis and Deloris. He has two sisters, Bobbie and Alice and one brother who has passed away. He met his wife, Carloutte, in a bar. They started talking and then got married. They have been married for 36 years. He has two children, John and Valarie.

Before retirement, he owned a printing company in Des Moines for promotional advertising.

John says an event that was memorable to him growing up was going to church.

He learned to drive when he was 14 years old. His mother taught him how to drive. His first car was a 1948 Chevy, gun metal grey!

His favorite food is steak, medium rare, without any sauce. At holidays he enjoys turkey and mashed potatoes.

When John was younger, he played football and baseball. He loved bowling and still does! He was inducted into the Bowling Hall of Fame in 1988.

He says what he likes most about Norwalk Nursing and Rehabilitation is the very friendly staff. He also likes making new friends. He said there isn’t anything he dislikes.

His advice for the younger generation is to listen to your parents, stay friendly, work hard and be honest.

If John could go back to any age, it would probably be age 20 when he started getting serious about life.

John says his most cherished family tradition was family reunions so they could all see each other and catch up after a long time apart.

What he has liked best about his life so far is marrying his beautiful wife!

John said if there is something he could have known when he was young that he knows now it would be that in the bible it says faith is the beginning of life but the Lord is really the beginning of wisdom the life.

He would also like to share that he loves people because God loves you and you should love others the same. He has learned patience and everyone should have it because people can’t help the way they are.

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