Maisy’s Memo

— My mama brought home my new sister!! Her name is Memphis. My mama rescued her from a shelter in South Dakota where they had found her on a reservation with her brother and sister. They had been roaming around and living off the land for about 5 weeks without any parental supervision. As much fun... Read More

July is UV Safety Month: What You Eat Can Protect Your Skin from the Sun

— Researchers from Harvard University recently announced that lutein (LOO-teen) —a potent antioxidant found in such dark green, leafy vegetables as spinach and kale —may protect the skin from sun damage. “Lutein has been widely recognized for its eye health benefits for several years, but, our data is the first of its kind to suggest that... Read More

Resident of the Month: John C.

— John was born February 19, 1938 in Alamogordo, New Mexico to Willis and Deloris. He has two sisters, Bobbie and Alice and one brother who has passed away. He met his wife, Carloutte, in a bar. They started talking and then got married. They have been married for 36 years. He has two children, John... Read More

Success Story

— Shirley came to Norwalk Nursing and Rehab after being hospitalized after an exacerbation of her COPD. She was treated by PT, OT, and ST while she was here. Shirley currently works part time at a restaurant and wanted to get back to her daily life. Shirley was motivated and worked very hard and was able... Read More

Happy Birthday!

— Residents Jay K. David J. Staff Sierra D. Jessica B. Jill M.

Letter from the Administrator

— All of us at Norwalk have been excited that Spring FINALLY came! With the changes in the weather, we look forward to the opportunity to get outside more often. This is always a great time to look over your loved one’s clothing to make sure that those spring and summer clothes are marked and in... Read More

Resident of the Month: David I.

— David was born September 16, 1960 in Des Moines to Gordon and Darleen. He has one brother, Mike, who lives in Kansas City. David has never been married and doesn’t have any children. Before retirement, he was a carpenter and mowed lawns. David doesn’t have just one memorable moment or world event from growing up.... Read More

Maisy’s Memo

— Therapy dogs bring cheer to residents in nursing homes, helping them heal mentally and emotionally. They encourage strides in physical therapy, because people subconsciously try harder when the reward is visiting and playing with a dog! There is no better therapy in the world better than a dogs love because a dog is the only... Read More

Success Story

— Susan came to Norwalk Nursing and Rehab after getting a hip replacement secondary to an R hip fx from a fall at home. Susan received physical, occupational, and speech therapies while she was in skilled care. Physical therapy worked with Susan on her gait, transfers, and over all functional independence with mobility. Occupational therapy worked... Read More

Happy Birthday!

— Residents Jean R. Staff Roxanne Q. Montana G. Katlyn L.