Maisy’s Memo

My mama brought home my new sister!!

Her name is Memphis. My mama rescued her from a shelter in South Dakota where they had found her on a reservation with her brother and sister. They had been roaming around and living off the land for about 5 weeks without any parental supervision. As much fun as pretending to be Bear Grylls was, they were getting pretty tired of it. Luckily they were taken in by a nice rescue and a foster family! That is until mama found her! Now she’s living large with me and mama and she gets to go to work with us every day! She has her own title, “Head of Security.” Hoping one day she can take over my title “Chief Barking Officer.” Anyways, the people at work love her and keep telling her how beautiful her eyes are! I’ll keep y’all updated on my new sister that has pawed her way into mama and I’s lives. To be continued!

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