Letter from the Administrator

Hey Y’all!

For this newsletter, I wanted to take the time to thank the staff who help make this facility a home. Here at Norwalk, we are blessed with the most caring individuals who love on the residents like they are their own. Being a direct care worker can be emotionally and physically draining on some days. They put their home life on pause to be here with us and sacrifice time away from their own family day in and day out. Whether you are a nurse, CNA, or department head manager, the work y’all do is inspiring and commendable and you need to know your work never goes unnoticed. As an administrator, that is something I am extremely proud of and every opportunity I am given I like to brag on my staff. Everyone here goes above and beyond their job description and I could not ask for more. Please take the time to thank the next direct care worker you come in contact with for their service. If you are a direct care worker, please pat yourself on the back and treat yourself for the selfless work you do. Y’all are the back bone of this community and you should be proud of yourself.

With love,

Kennedy Naquin, LNFA


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