Letter from the Administrator

All of us at Norwalk have been excited that Spring FINALLY came! With the changes in the weather, we look forward to the opportunity to get outside more often. This is always a great time to look over your loved one’s clothing to make sure that those spring and summer clothes are marked and in good condition. Keep in mind that you may want to leave a few sweaters as the weather can change a lot this time of year and even air conditioning can be cool for the elderly. When you do bring in new clothing items or other belongings, it is very important to add and subtract from the inventory sheets available at the nurses’ stations. We have noticed that some residents’ inventory sheets have not been completed. A great deal of clothing has not been marked with the residents’ names. All unmarked items end up in our lost and found, which you can investigate at any time. We would also like to remind elders and family members that it is important that you make your rooms as homey as possible. Please, however, do not bring in any expensive items, jewelry, or family heirlooms. We try our best to respect everyone’s personal belongings, but at times accidents happen or things can come up missing. You may always ask myself (Kennedy) or the Social Worker, Janiece to keep items in our offices for you. Thank you!

Kennedy Naquin, LNFA


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